Why Effin Gorgeous?

Effin Gorgeous was created by a feeling that all women should have once they look in the mirror. Whether being bare faced or having a full face of makeup, it gives you the courage to say, "I look EFFIN GORGEOUS!!" It is that feeling of self love and self worth which is truly amazing and should be shared with the world.

Effin Gorgeous is dedicated to my late grandmother, Jeannette a.k.a. MaMe, she was someone who believed in this when I had no idea this would happen. 

To my mother, Mia, thank you for always cheering me on and having faith in me to go out and grab what I wanted without hesitation.

 "You can go to bed and dream about all your dreams, goals, and aspirations in life but you have to wake up and take the steps towards them all." -NikaB

my grandmother

my mother and I

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